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The Aquarium and terrariums are manufactured out of the AGC Glaverbel glass of strength of 4-25 mm, both from the classic Float glass and the white CLEARVISION glass. For large fish tanks laminated or hardened glass is used as well as a 250 mm strong acrylic. Glass panes can be up to 6 m long, acrylic up to 8 m. When processing the individual parts we include cutting, grinding, polishing, drilling, bending, hardening, NC machining and all other necessary adjustments.

We also offer custom aquarium lamp T8 and T5 with an aluminium beam which can be customized according to the required dimensions of the aquarium top.

It goes without saying that we produce aquarium furniture available in large number of wood types, also available in high gloss.

We also supply aquaristic stores with aquariums and fish tanks, including the assembly and supply of technical equipment.